Radiant Hands Presentation

 2018 Work Plan:

Radiant Hands' Ladies Luncheon- January 10th 2018

Radiant Hands hosted a ladies’ luncheon on Wednesday, January 10th  2018 at 11:00 am at the Tampa Palms Owners Association Clubhouse. The Luncheon celebrated the volunteers and community members who supported Radiant Hands over the past two and a half years, and who made the choice to make a difference. 

Food was provided by some of the women who came to Tampa as refugees from several different countries.

 Some of the Highlights of the Luncheon:

1- Appreciating all the efforts made by you during the past two and half years

2- Giving an overview of Radiant Hands' services and achievements

3- Going over our Work Plan for 2018 highlighting new initiatives and programs

4- Proposing methods of cooperation and needed assistance

5- Listening to volunteer’s suggestions and proposals

6- Highlighting some of our women's skills and talents in cooking, sewing and handicrafts.