resource for Gainesville

Thank you for all of your help! Radiant Hands is definitely as significant resource for our community and was a huge help to Ms. H.


Brittany Coleman, MA;Victim Advocate Counselor

Alachua County Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center

Gainesville Police Department


Working Together For the Community


My name is Sabrina Williams, and I am the Family Support Facilitator for the Library Partnership.  The Library Partnership, which opened as collaboration between Partnership for Strong Families, Casey Family Programs, the Department of Children and Families and the Alachua County Library District in 2009, strives to help families access the resources and support services they need along with strengthening families and communities.

Since 2013 as the Family Support Facilitator with Library Partnership, The Radiant Hands organization has helped over 25 indigent families, which included 48 school age children (0-16) from my caseload in the Alachua County Area. The families all had serious needs that ranged from rental assistance to utility assistance. Without the assistance of  the Radiant Hands  team these families could have faced evictions from their homes and had utilities interrupted which could be a basis for homelessness for most involved. Radiant hands has been a beneficial factor in the life of many  families and on behalf of the families you served  and myself , we are thankful for your generosity and concern for those in need. Keep being a positive light to families who only see darkness during the midst of their crisis.

Thanks Radiant Hands for all you do for the families here in Alachua County.      


Sabrina Williams       

Family Support Facilitator

Help After Surgery

I am a single mother of two special needs children and I recently had surgery. I contacted Radiant Hands because I wasn't exactly sure what help I needed, or what help I could get, but I knew I needed help. The volunteer that came to my home accompanied me to a doctor appointment. She was herself a registered nurse! Her presence, knowledge and kindness, supported me at a time when I was afraid and vulnerable. On another occasion she came to check on me and saw that my surgical procedure limited my ability to function in the home. She helped me with cleaning, laundry and vacuuming, things that you take for granted until you're incapacitated. Radiant Hands volunteers and staff are people that I appreciate a lot.

Driving Lessons

I was having a hard time learning how to drive because my husband and I only have one vehicle and he has a very busy schedule. We didn'thave enough money to pay for driving lessons, but I really needed a driver's license in order to move forward with my personal goals. A close friend recommended that I contact Radiant Hands, and they were able to arrange free driving classes. The driving instructor was very professional, and worked around my schedule. I am now able to drive and I am planning to take the exam very soon. I hope to be able to drive to classes at night and work, when I need to. Radiant Hands has been a blessing for me and I would whole-heartedly recommend their services to anyone.


Strengthening Community

It has been great pleasure to work with an organization that helps strengthen our community. I have had the pleasure of working with [Radiant Hands volunteer].  She was extremely professional and her main goal was to make sure we aided the individual in need as soon as possible.   The organization and their representatives have followed up on the family to make sure mom and baby are both healthy.  Furthermore, I was extremely shocked at the turnaround time for the services offered. Thank you for servicing our community. Thank you for giving me the tools needed to aid this mother, a head of household to a family of six. This help definitely made for a smoother recovery. It alleviated a lot of her emotional anguish.

Member of the Community Reference Ms. A. Ivory

Positive Impact

Thank you for the wonderful work you do, and the many ways you positively impact the lives of women in our community. 

Jessie Lazarchi

Alachua County Victim Services

Alone and Working

{Mom with three children, struggling to meet rent. Dad unavailable at this time}

I would like to say Thank You. This is truly a blessing and I am forever grateful. May God continue to bless you and this program.


Mom and Kids


“Thank you for your gratitude, assistance and selection of our family. You all have helped our family more than you know, and we truly appreciate it. It’s so good to know “angels” are truly among us! But God always make a way of no way. You all were a blessing! Thank you so much!"

Thankful and Appreciative

“There are no amount of words that can explain how thankful and appreciative my family and I are to have been helped and supported by Radiant Hands. We are so blessed and I hope one day Inshallah we can give more back to support Radiant Hands, so you can keep helping more people the way you have helped us.”