The Radiant Works Scholarship Fund (RWSF) is a program through which qualified women can obtain financial support to further their educational and career goals. By assisting women to achieve educational goals (such as passing the GED exam) or become certified in fields where there is a demand for employees (such as Certified Nursing Assistants), Radiant Hands hopes to help families move towards being financially stable and independent. We began accepting applications for this program in the Spring of 2011. 


  1. Referred by Instructor

  2. Resident of Florida

  3. A Person of low or reduced income

  4. A registered student in an established GED program

  5. A registered student in an established technical skills program (CNA, NA, etc.)

  6. Preference will be given to women with children

Completed documents can be emailed to scholarship@radianthands.org
FAXEDto 877-409-7716.