Our New Programs

Radiant Hands' Motto for 2018 is Self-sufficiency, Reliability, Self-Dependency and Social Integration for women and families.

Radiant Hands is aiming to maximize the effectiveness of its goals by introducing Radiant Hands’
new activities, which aim to support and strengthen the capacity, abilities and self-dependency of the
women and families we work with to attain full self-sufficiency:

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Medical and Dental

SPonsorship Program

Health plays an important role in the families' survival and log-term success. Many families face difficulties of ensuring proper health insurance to their members. Radiant Hands, with the support of physicians, dentists and donors is introducing its Health Sponsorship Program to fill in the gap and provide women and families with the needed health & dental care.

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Support A Family Sponsorship Program

There are many families in our community who have lost all hope of succeeding on their own. Despite all their efforts, their means of living are very limited, and they are in desperate need of your support. Radiant Hands has identified several families who fall under this category, for one or more of the following reasons: disability of the main provider of the family, a chronic disease that prevents a father from working full time, a widow with babies...etc.

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Support A success Sponsorship program

The Support a Success Program is an integration assistance program that corresponds to the labor market subsidies paid to unemployed workers until they are fully employed. It is introduced to help our community members and new neighbors survive.

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