Legal Service

Radiant Hands refers its clients to different lawyers and legal services depending on their needs.  These services are provided free of charge or at greatly discounted rates.  If the clients cannot afford even the discounted services, Radiant Hands assists in covering the legal services, as long as they fall under Radiant Hands’ mission, and as long as the clients meet compliance requirements. 

  1. Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR): For clients facing issues related to discrimination and/or immigration.  Services are free or on a sliding scale based on clients’ income. 
  2. Bay Area Legal Services: For female clients who are divorced and were victims of domestic violence / abuse.  Services are free to qualified clients.
  3. Private Attorneys: Attorneys provided pro bono services or greatly discounted services.  Attorneys in the following areas of law are most often consulted:

A.     Criminal

B.     Immigration

C.     Family

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