Who We Are

Radiant Hands

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Radiant Hands Inc. is a nonprofit organization which was established in Gainesville, FL to serve North Central Florida. Since our establishment in 2005, we have distributed over $200,000 in assistance to women and families in need. Radiant Hands Inc. fills a niche in the community by assisting those who normally would “fall through the cracks” of normal social service providers.


In June 2014, the administrative office was relocated to Tampa, Florida and the area of service was expanded.  With the expansion, new services have become available including "Individual and Family Counseling" and guidance to resources for "Job Training, Money Management, English Language & GED courses."  

In August of 2015, Radiant Hands began working with the resettlement and integration of refugees from Muslim and/or Arabic-speaking countries into the Tampa Bay Community.    

Radiant Hands, Inc., 13250 N. 56th St, Suite 203B, Tampa, FL 33617

To empower women and families in the North-Central Florida region by providing them with spiritual, emotional, educational, and financial support with the goal of heping them to achieve independence in mind. In doing so, we hope to encourage and enable women and families to contribute individually and collectively in strengthening our community as a whole.


  • Act as a collective support network, resource, and voice for women.
  • Establish, support, and facilitate education activities.
  • Generate and when considered appropriate, distribute funds as needed.
  • Develop a list of available governmental and community resources to assist women according to their specific needs.
  • Recognize and utilize alternative resources available (i.e. time, transportation, etc.) thereby optimizing the skills and abilities of all contributing members of the organization.

The idea for an organization to help women in the North Central Florida came about in 2005 when three Muslim women were sitting together trying to figure out how to help a single mother of a chronically ill child, after the father had left town. There were no area social services available because the woman had an income.

These women, Ameena Khan, Amany Shalaby, and Jean Ritch decided to incorporate the organization on June 2005 and then apply to the IRS for a charity status. In this manner they could work with community members and help those less fortunate.

The name was drawn from the following ayahs (verses) from the Qu’ran and was suggested by Ms. Shalaby’s daughter.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

“O ye who believe! Turn to Allah with sincere repentance: In the hope that your Lord will remove from you your ills and admit you to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow,- the Day that Allah will not permit to be humiliated the Prophet and those who believe with him. Their Light will run forward before them and by their right hands, while they say, “Our Lord! Perfect our Light for us, and grant us Forgiveness: for Thou hast power over all things.”
— Qur'an (66:8)
“One Day shalt thou see the believing men and the believing women-how their Light runs forward before them and by their right hands: (their greeting will be): “Good News for you this Day! Gardens beneath which flow rivers! to dwell therein for aye! This is indeed the highest Achievement!”
— Qur'an (57:12)


In order to best serve all members of the community, Radiant Hands has a very strict non-discrimination policy. Radiant Hands is dedicated to all members of the community, and although all work is done by volunteers we included a policy relative to employment opportunities in the hope that future plans would include employees.

Radiant Hands Inc. is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all our members and clients. It is therefore this charity’s policy not to discriminate in offering access to its programs and activities on the basis of age, gender, race, color, national origin, religion, creed, disability, veteran’s status or sexual orientation. This policy applies to all volunteers, staffing and clients.

Radiant Hands Inc. shall provide equal employment opportunities and practices for all qualified persons which conform to laws against discrimination on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, marital status, veteran status as protected under the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act, sex, national origin, disability, political opinions or affiliations, or age; and to promote the full realization of equal opportunity through a positive, continuing program of affirmative action which shall be aimed at enlarging and expanding the employment opportunities of qualified women and minority groups.