Individual and family counseling is offered as needed at Radiant Hands by professional clinicians. While working with clients toward gaining employment, education, skills training, and financial literacy, clients are required to participate in regular counseling sessions to identify the causes of their predicament and recommendations are made to try to prevent these circumstances from reoccurring.

Treatment plans are in place with the counselor assisting the client with time frames and solutions to complete the plan. The progress of the client is constantly monitored and incentives are offered for successful participation, as well as consequences for non-compliance. Parent training and therapy for children is also provided when identified as necessary.

Radiant Hands works in collaboration with the local domestic violence shelter and the masjid to ensure that families are safe and get the emotional support that they need to put their lives back together. Counseling and support is provided for domestic violence survivors.

In addition, pre-marital counseling is offered to prospective mates. Marital counseling is available for couples and collaboration with the local imams is used when necessary for divorce or reconciliation. Radiant Hands conducted a two-day marriage workshop open to all community members in April 2016.

Radiant Hands also provides counseling services for refugees for debriefing, PTSD, and any other identified mental health issues. Interpreters are provided as needed during counseling services when counselors do not speak the same language as the client. Referrals are often made for a higher level of care as  a direct result of intake findings.

In January 2018, Radiant Hands became a member of the Mental Health Subcommittee under Tampa Bay Refugee Task Force Committee. 

Compliance with referrals and medication is mandatory for continued counseling services for all clients.

All counseling services are by appointment only.  For more information, email: