Who We Are

Radiant Hands

(813) 983-1700

Radiant Hands Inc. is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization established in 2005 to provide assistance to women and families in need. In particular, Radiant Hands helps women and families who might not qualify for typical social service assistance, either because they are employed or for some other reason. After operating from Gainesville, FL for almost 10 years, the main office was moved to Tampa, FL in June 2014, and the service area was expanded.

With the expansion to Tampa, new services became available, including "Individual and Family Counseling" and guidance to resources for "Job Training, Money Management, English Language & GED courses."  

In August of 2015, Radiant Hands began working with the resettlement and integration of refugees from Muslim and/or Arabic-speaking countries into the Tampa Bay Community.    

Radiant Hands, Inc., 13250 N. 56th St, Suite 203B, Tampa, FL 33617